Utah Fertility Partners an affiliate of California Fertility Partners opened April 25, 2011

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Utah Fertility Clinic Joins California Fertility Partners

California Fertility Partners opened its newest affiliate, Utah Fertility Partners in Pleasant Grove on April 25, 2011.  Utah Fertility Partners is the natural evolution of the long-standing relationship between fertility doctors Dr. David Richards and Dr. Richard Marrs.  Dr. Marrs mentored Dr. Richards in the 1980′s when Dr. Richards was pursuing his Ph.D. at USC.


When he graduated from USC, Dr. Richards moved to Utah to help establish a fertility center as the director of embryology.  Throughout the years, Dr. Richards referred complicated patients to California Fertility Partners.  After enjoying decades of collaboration with California Fertility Partners, Dr. Richards consulted us for our expertise to improve his IVF laboratory and to help redevelop the clinical care offered in his fertility center.


Beginning February 2009, Dr. Marrs traveled to Dr. Richard’s Utah practice quarterly to perform IVF.  Since ICSI, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, was not available in his clinic, Dr. Richards referred his male factor patients to California Fertility Partners.  Patients therefore had to travel to Los Angeles for their egg retrievals and embryo transfers.


With the increasing volume, the waitlist for women who lived in Utah to undergo IVF during Dr. Marrs’ quarterly visits grew.  Therefore, in order to accomodate the demand for our clinical services and to expand both the andrology and the embryology laboratories, Utah Fertility Partners was created.


Dr. Bronte Stone, the director of Reproductive Technology Laboratory at California Fertility Partners, joins Dr. David Richards to provide all the IVF laboratory services offered at California Fertility Partners including ICSI.  In addition to preparing sperm for IVF, the andrology laboratory is open year-round is able to provide semen analyses and prepare semen samples for intrauterine inseminations for local physicians.


Patients can now receive the most technologically advanced reproductive procedures in their own backyard at Utah Fertility Partners.

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